What I do

I am an assessor, trying to investigate the questions the company has about the person. Therefore, I evaluate the candidates, examine the results with them and ultimately contact the management and discuss the results with them.

I am a consultant. As an external consultant I take part in company discussions about strategic HR.

I participate in development groups. I prefer the ones with an international aspect, I prefer the ones where several disciplines take part, I prefer working on innovative themes, and I prefer them to be as informal as possible. And last but not least, I prefer them to end up in a useful result.

I develop psychological tests. On my LinkedIn profile I present myself as ‘the builder of the best tests’. I spend quite some time in this area. I merely work on expertise based tests with video. They have a different look-and-feel compared to the classical ones. And compared to the classical ones they are shorter, more motivating for the client, more reliable and are easy to access. We also plan to leave the classical PDF report for a modern dashboard approach.

If you are interested in any of these subject mail me atn at torben-nielsen.com ( you are able to substitute the ‘at’ by ‘@’ to make the address work, robots cannot, that’s why I ask you to do it) or you react on my LinkedIn account.

ATN what I do